Dennis Loo & Associates

Dennis Loo & Associates

LPL Independent Financial Advisors


The Direction of Our Financial Services Firm

The wealth advisors at Dennis Loo & Associates have decades of combined experience as both independent and institutional financial advisors. We specialize in personal and business planning, wealth accumulation, and protection strategies for professionals and small business owners.

In addition, we have developed relationships with other qualified professionals including CPAs, pension and benefits administrators, and attorneys that we partner with or refer our clients to.

We Want What Is Best for You Financially, Independent Of Corporate Financial Policies

Our goal is to help our clients get where they want to go. That means we focus on doing what is best for you…not what is best for us. We focus on providing highly personalized and competent professional financial services.

Because we are independent advisors, we are NOT encumbered by corporate policies and bureaucracy. While we have relationships with a variety of financial services companies—which allows us to offer access to the same wide range of products and services that you can find with the big firms—we’re never going to recommend a specific financial product because it’s under our corporate umbrella.

When you work with Dennis Loo & Associates, we hope you can benefit from our independent perspective.